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You’ve got only 14 minutes to escape from your cell.
Can you think – and most of all – act fast?
You’re only few steps away from your freedom, but will you handle the pressure?
These 14 minutes will determine your fate. Either you will be free or locked down in a shabby 3×4 place for the rest of your life. There is no place for mistake.
Will you take the challenge?
And all this in full vr experience!


Prison VR is an escape room adventure game, in which you have to escape a prison cell within 14 minutes. You will solve puzzles requiring both observation, and, to some degree, analytical skills. The „riddles” have been designed with a golden mean between realism and complexity associated with the genre in mind, so expect to find some usual stuff and think unconventionally at the same time. Thus, with first person perspective and sense of urgency, the game provides you with an interesting experience and intense emotions.